Should You Switch Your Statement Printing & Mailing Outsource Provider?

towne mailer - printing and mailing invoices and statements

Outsourcing your statement printing and mailing can save you a great deal of time and money while also ensuring that your customers get the fast, accurate service they need and deserve. But not all outsource provider are created equal. How do you know if you are getting the most out of your printing and mailing outsource provider, and how do you know if you should consider a switch? Let’s take a closer look.

Signs It Might Be Time To Switch Statement & Invoice Outsource Provider

Switching outsource provider might take a bit of effort, but it may be worth it in the long run due to the long-term benefits of working with a faster, more efficient, or more accurate company. Here are a few signs that it may be time to look into switching:

  • Your outsource provider has missed deadlines. This is a sure sign that you need to look elsewhere for a printing and mailing company to help you. Deadlines should be respected and met when it comes to regularly scheduled tasks, and your outsourcer should be willing to work with you when you have time-sensitive projects or special timeline needs.
  • It would be faster if you did it yourself. Does your outsource provider lag? Do your clients or customers complain about how long it takes them to receive invoices, letters or statements (or that there is not much time between when they receive their letter and when their payment is due)? Do you have cash flow issues? Do you wonder if you should return to doing the job yourself? Before you bring the job back in house, consider another outsource provider.
  • Your customers have reported errors. If your customers are reporting mailing errors or not receiving letters, it may be time to look for a new provider. If you are catching mistakes, too, it’s a red flag. Doubly so if their customer service isn’t great when you report mistakes.
  • You think you could save more money. If you’re saving money with your outsource provider, but you wonder if you could save more, it doesn’t hurt to request quotes and look at your other options. Especially if there are also other signs you should switch.
  • You want a better relationship with your outsourcer. It should be a joy to work with your printing and mailing outsource provider. They should be friendly, concerned, and always striving to do better. They should also get to know you and your business so that they can meet your needs and serve you better. If that’s not the case, look elsewhere!

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Ten Solid Reasons to Outsource Your Statement and Invoice Printing and Mailing

towne mailer - printing and mailing invoices and statements

There are some small benefits to printing and mailing your invoices, letters, and statements in-house, but how do they stack up against outsourcing this task to a business that specializes in printing and mailing? At Towne Mailer, we want you to know all of the ways that we can help your business, simply by taking this weekly or monthly process out of your hands.

Here are the ten biggest benefits to working with our team.

  • You can save time.
    Printing, processing, and mailing hundreds of statements and invoices a month takes a huge amount of time if you don’t specialize in it and if you don’t have top-of-the-line equipment. Outsourcing the tasks means freeing up that time for other types of business.
  • You can improve your cash flow.
    Did you know that sending out clear, consistent, well-designed invoices in a timely manner can significantly improve how quickly you get paid by customers? At Town Mailer, we can help you make your statements and invoices look great in addition to making sure they get to your customers
  •  You can avoid leasing commitments and investments.
    Printing documents and processing mail means having at least a few large, expensive machines to help you. Buying these machines can be huge investments, while leasing them can add a big chunk to your monthly expenses. Outsourcing means never having to worry about a monthly bill for machinery or a printer malfunctioning right before a deadline. 
  • You can improve your reports and record keeping.
    Many businesses who print and process their own statements and invoices do not produce reports during the job. We provide our clients with three different reports upon the completion of each job, which can help prevent errors and root out bad addresses.
  • You can free up and specialize key staff members.
    If your mail printing and processing is still done in-house, it is likely done by staff members who are taken away from their other jobs on a weekly or monthly basis. Outsourcing these tasks means getting those staff members back, where they can focus on other more specialized tasks.
  • You can save space.
    All of those printers and mail processing machines take up office space, while supplies like paper and envelopes also require square footage. Outsourcing can free up lots of room or put an office expansion on the back burner.
  •  You can increase peace of mind.
    We have a 24-hour guarantee (or less) for most jobs and have never missed a deadline. We also have a quality assurance and reporting process that is designed to catch mistakes before they happen. Your customers will get their statements, invoices, and letters quickly, and you don’t have to worry a bit.
  • You can increase accuracy.
    We only do one thing, so we do it extremely well. Our reports and recordkeeping, along with our careful process, mean that mistakes are few and far between–and mistakes that do take place are caught and corrected with speed before mailing.
  • You can increase efficiency.
    At Towne Mailer, every second and every penny counts. It’s what puts us ahead of the competition and it’s what makes it possible for us to do the job of printing and mailing statements and letters for less money than it takes you. 
  • You can save money.
    Every benefit listed above has one thing in common: it saves your company time and money. That’s money that can be put to better uses, reinvested, or turned into profit. Our entire existence is focused on the most efficient way to print, process, and mail your invoices, statements and letters, and our commitment to that efficiency means that both of our businesses can get ahead.

We only do one thing, so we do it extremely well. Our reports and record keeping, along with our careful process, mean that mistakes are few and far between–and mistakes that do take place are caught and corrected with speed before mailing.

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The Benefits of Sending Regular Invoices To Your Customers/Clients

When you first start a business, you don’t likely have an organized, consistent invoicing process in place. Chances are that instead of a regular process, you send invoices when you think of it, when you have a few minutes, when a client requests one, or when you need the money.

But as your business grows, it becomes increasingly important to develop a consistent, regular, and predictable invoicing process, both for the benefit of your business and for the people that you provide with services.

Six Advantages to Establishing a Regular Invoicing Process

There might not be anything glaringly wrong with your current invoicing process, but there are measurable advantages to establishing a consistent system. Let’s look at the six biggest reasons you should streamline your invoicing system: 

  • Customer satisfaction. While, they might not necessarily like receiving a bill, your clients and customers do like receiving regular information about what they’ve purchased and how much they owe. They also like having the regular opportunity to pay their bills–no one likes getting a large invoice for a backlog of months of services (and some clients may not be able to pay all at once).
  • Accuracy. Choosing a daily, bi-weekly or monthly invoicing schedule can greatly increase the accuracy of your invoicing. Letting bills sit, or sending them at odd times, can led to a significant amount of work going unbilled as well as double-billing customers.
  • Cash flow. It’s no surprise that invoicing your clients and customers regularly leads to getting paid more regularly. Customers are more likely to pay smaller bills. Customers are also more likely to pay when they are anticipating a bill. Invoicing predictably means getting a more predictable cash flow, which can help you pay your own bills, meet your payroll, and grow your business.
  • Record organization. Keeping track of your invoices is much easier when you send them all at once on certain days. This not only helps you when a customer has a question about a payment or services, but also when it comes to your bookkeeping, records, and taxes.
  • Efficiency. Sending invoices whenever you have a free moment takes more time than sending all of your invoices at once during a set timeframe. In addition, having a specific system in place for your invoicing cuts down on time even more. At the same time, completing your invoices in batches reduces errors, increasing efficiency even further.
  • Professionalism. Regular invoicing adds an overall professionalism to your business. Having a consistent process and system reduces errors, saves time, saves money, and adds organization to your business.

Streamlining Your Invoicing Process With Towne Mailer

At Towne Mailer, we assist hundreds of businesses with streamlining their invoicing process, from helping them create branded invoicing and\or statements templates to helping them print, process, and mail their invoices and statements daily, weekly or monthly. We also make certain that your clients and customers receive their invoices or bills quickly and regularly, helping you get paid.

To learn more about our services, to ask a question, or to request a free, no-obligation quote, please call us today at (877) 882-6245 or contact us online. 

Client Story: Ravalli County

Towne Mailer Client Story

We Hired Towne Mailer, And Never Looked Back

We recently reached out to a number of our clients and asked them to tell their Towne Mailer story – from why they initially needed help with their mail processing to how our services have helped them improve their own businesses.

This week, we spoke with Regina Plettenberg, the Clerk & Recorder for Ravalli County, Montana. She has been using Towne Mailer for over 12 years, ever since she worked as the county’s election supervisor.

The Client: Ravalli County, Montana

The Services They Needed:

Ravalli County mails a lot letters and statements every single day, from daily department mail, to bulk mailings, to jury notices, to tax bills, to voter information, to election ballots. Many times these mailings have tight deadlines, have special inserts, or need special attention.

The Problem:

Mailing letters was taking over Regina Plettenberg’s job. As Ravalli County’s election supervisor, she would spend hours every day toiling over printers and meters, dealing with paper jams and struggling to keep up with postal regulations. She didn’t have time to fulfill the actual requirements of her job or use the skill set she was hired for.

“It was backbreaking grunt work,” she said, “Not only mailing the letters, but maintaining and fixing the machines. I am so glad that I no longer even have to touch the Voter Information Pamphlets.”

The Solution:

Regina realized that she needed help–and more than that, the County needed help. She met with the County Clerk\Recorder at the time and explained the problem: they either needed to hire a full-time employee to take care of printing and mailing matters, or they needed to outsource.

Luckily, Regina had recently read about Towne Mailer and their printing and mailing service. She made a call and soon Towne Mailer owner Michael Stronberg came to visit, walking through what his company did and why they were experts at it.

When it was clear that Towne Mailer could do the job for much less than hire a full-time employee with benefits, they got on board. And that was more than a decade ago.

“We signed on with Towne Mailer and never looked back,” Regina said. “They do everything. They label, they tab, they do inserts, you name it. It saves us a ton of staff time. I don’t know what I’d do without them.”

“I love that I just send them the data and they do everything else from start to finish,” she said. “Not only do they save us time and money, but they are experts at what they do, because they do it all day, every day. They know how to save money. They figure out the best way to do your mailing based on your requirements, and we have a lot. Most importantly, they know how to do all that to make sure you get your mailing done.”

Regina has been thrilled that she no longer has to maintain and fix printing and mailing machines. She doesn’t have to keep up with postal regulations, either. It’s a task off her plate and a worry off her mind.

One of her favorite things about Towne Mailer is their customer service.

“Customer service is wonderful,” she said. “When we have tight timelines because of elections, they are awesome about it even if they have to work overtime on the weekend to get mail out for us. They are great about working around our deadlines.”

Would Regina recommend Towne Mailer to other businesses and municipalities?

“I recommend them all the time,” she said. “In fact, I just recommended them today.”

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