How Successful Is Direct Mail? 

If you’re unsure how successful direct mail can be for your business, consider these key points. This type of direct mail offers a 29% return on investment, a higher response rate than emails, and is more cost-effective. However, the question remains: how do you get your customers to take action? There are many things you can do to make your direct mail more effective. Below, you’ll find some useful tips. The first step is to create a clear call to action. 

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29% return on investment 

Direct mail has a proven ROI of 29%. While this number can vary from campaign to campaign, it is a fairly solid average. On average, for every dollar spent on direct mail, businesses will see $129 in revenue. That’s higher than email marketing, which only yields an average open rate of 20% to 30%. Even if your direct mail campaign isn’t as effective as you hope it to be, it’s still worth it to spend money on it. 

Higher response rates than emails 

When compared to emails, direct mail has much higher response rates. Direct mail has higher open rates and is more likely to be read by the entire household. Direct mail has a longer lifespan than emails – a typical piece of direct mail lasts about 17 days. It also has more lasting effects – on average, 42% of direct mail recipients scan or read the piece, which earns valuable impressions. According to recent research by the Data & Marketing Association, the response rate for house list direct mail has grown by more than double since 2003. 

Better ROI than social media 

Digital marketing and email both have a higher ROI than direct mail, but the former has more response rates than the latter. Emails have an average response rate of just 0.1 percent, while direct mail offers a nine to five percent response rate. Furthermore, direct mail can be personalized, resulting in a higher ROI. Automated campaigns eliminate the need for manual mail preparation and can boost your ROI faster than most digital marketing strategies. 


If you want to track the return on investment of your direct marketing campaigns, it is essential to analyze the results of your direct mail programs. The effectiveness of direct mail can be measured in many ways, including revenue generated, new customer acquisition, lifetime value, and the annual value of customers. By conducting due diligence, companies can ensure that they are targeting the right prospects and addressing the right problems. For example, direct mail that is targeted to a particular market is more likely to reach the right audience than direct email or other digital channels. 

Reaching the right audience 

One key question many marketers ask is, “How effective is direct mail in reaching the right audience?” The good news is that direct mail is not a dead medium. It is an effective tool for increasing response rates. By using compelling selling points, marketers can build brand recognition and increase response rates. In addition, direct mail can trigger nostalgic responses. Personalized touches such as the use of the consumer’s name and photo in the postcard can help increase the connection with the consumer.