How to Find Postal Service Mailing Address Changes? 

If you have changed your address, there are several ways to find this information. One option is to use a database. The USPS offers an address verification database called NCOALink(r). This database has more than 160 million change of address records and contains the names and addresses of millions of people, businesses, and organizations. When you use the system, the database will cross-check addresses against yours and provide the new address information in appropriate cases.

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Changing your address with the U.S. Postal Service 

You can change your address with the United States Postal Service online, by phone, or in person at your local post office. The process usually involves paying $1 for identity verification, but it can take several days. The USPS will only forward mail to your new address if it is a valid address. 

If you have a PO Box, enter that address in the street address field. Otherwise, enter the street address and apartment/suite number. 

Getting a change of address confirmation code 

Getting a change of address confirmation code is essential for making changes to your mailing address with the US Postal Service. You will receive the code via email or in a letter sent to you after submitting a change of address request. The confirmation code is a sixteen-digit code that is printed on the confirmation letter or email. 

USPS does not accept third-party private mailboxes, so you must use a USPS mailbox. You can use the USPS Mail Preview service to see incoming mail. You can also change the mailing address if you want the mail to be forwarded to a military address or hospital. 

Filing a change of address form online or in person 

If you want to change your mailing address for postal services, you can file a change of address form online or in person. The USPS website provides a link to file a change of address form online. You can also download a change of address form to make the change in a person. 

Filing a change of address form online is faster and cheaper than going to the post office and filling out a form. The process takes less than five minutes and only costs $1. Filing a change of address form in person requires you to physically drive to the post office and wait in line. It can be particularly difficult to move during a COVID-19 outbreak, so be prepared for delays. 

Avoiding scammers 

When searching for postal service mailing address changes online, it is important to stay vigilant. It is possible to get scammed and end up losing money, as well as personal information. If you are not careful, scammers can steal your identity and credit card numbers. They use your name and address to access your accounts and personal information. 

You can also use a mail-in change of address form available at your local post office to change your address. However, you should make sure to lock the mailbox, since there is a risk of identity theft if you do not follow these steps. Another option is to change your address online, but you will have to pay a $1 verification fee. 

Changing your address online or in person 

Changing your postal service mailing address online is quick and easy, and you will save yourself the hassle of driving to the post office and standing in line. It is important to note, however, that you will still need to change your address with all companies that send you mail. You will also have to notify the companies where your mail will be forwarded. Fortunately, USPS has a convenient online form that walks you through the entire process. You can even choose to change your address for individual, family, or business mail. 

Once you’ve updated your mailing address with USPS, you can ask them to forward your mail to your new address. However, you will need to inform them of your new address to make sure that you will receive all of your mail. If you don’t want to receive your mail from the new address, you can ask your local post office to hold it for you.