Business Practices: Adaptation and Transformation in a New World

The year 2020 will go down in history as the year that businesses were forced to adapt in order to continue functioning successfully. The Covid19 pandemic has affected organizations all over the world in many ways, creating both financial hardship, uncertainty about the future, and encouraging greater resilience than ever before. Economies are just beginning to see the long-term effects of state lockdowns, record layoffs, unprecedented evictions, and small business closures. While some businesses [...]

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Billing for the Better

Every month, businesses around the country spend a large part of their time managing client billing and mailing. For everything from membership dues to medical claims, small and large businesses generate thousands of pieces of mail that has to be handled carefully to ensure accuracy. As a business owner, your income relies on timely billing to be able to keep the lights on in some cases. Disruption to that system can cost you time, [...]

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Marketing for Business Growth

Marketing your business is tricky in the world of fast-paced social media where every text, message, post, and timeline is there to pull your focus. Competition has become fierce as businesses peddling products and services attempt to get your attention. Without proper marketing strategies to power your potential, failure could be a faster trip than success. Yet, there are so many pieces of advice coming from all kinds of directions that it’s easy to [...]

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Managing Vendors

As a business owner, not only do you have to manage staff, inventory, creditors, and money, you have to also manage your chosen vendors. So many businesses approach this phase of either onboarding new vendors or managing them with a strong or heavy-handed sense of power. The most skilled and accomplished business owners understand that your vendors are only as good to you as you are to them. The relationship must therefore be focused [...]

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Unleash Your Business’s Potential With Proper Invoicing

Proper communication is as important for the success of your business as it is for any healthy relationship. Invoices, statements, and overdue notices are vital organizational tools for your revenue cycle. Though these documents are critical, they often place an undue burden on companies which feel ill-prepared to maintain the professional, timely flow of mail and delivery. Data indicates that the proper mail and delivery of professional-looking documents reduces delinquent payments and, consequently, increases business [...]

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How Outsourcing Your Invoice Printing And Mailing Needs Can Improve Your Business

Invoices and bills are the two main methods of communication between customers and businesses. Though many people pay little attention to the difference between an invoice and a bill, it is useful to know when to use which. There are notable differences. Just like what you receive at the end of everyday transactions, a bill is a list of goods or services purchased and the amount due. Most bills are not very detailed. Some are [...]

By |September 16, 2020|Categories: Printing & Mailing, Invoices|

Sound and Reasonable: Statement Printing and Mailing Outsourcing

The way that people use printing and mailing services have changed over the years as the internet has become the fastest way to communicate. Some would argue that the old school method of statement printing and mailing has outlived its peak season and that it is destined to become a thing of the past altogether. While there is a place for electronic communications, such as emails, texts, and online account access, statement printing and [...]

By |September 9, 2020|Categories: Statements, Printing & Mailing|

Building Strong Supplier Relationships

If no man is an island, then certainly no business is an island either. For the health and growth of your business, you will likely engage in outsourcing some of your products and services through supply chain management. Just as you educate yourself and exercise your skills in managing your staff and your relationships with customers and vendors alike, much of your success will be determined by your ability to collaborate and communicate with [...]

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