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Insufficient Billing Can Ruin Relationships

It’s no wonder marriage counselors and therapists often report the topic of money as being a key contributor to conflicts. Money issues can ruin all relationships, not just marriages. It’s just not a topic of conversation which creates warm...

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Proper Invoicing And Career Advancement

Summertime is upon us, which means a whole new wave of graduates is entering the work field. For those of us who sit comfortably in our professional careers, it is hard to remember the fear that accompanies job searches. New graduates...

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Invoice Printing As An Accounting Tool

The majority of small business owners are not traditionally trained in accounting or bookkeeping. It is standard operation to hire a certified public accountant and a certified financial advisor. Most small business owners recognize that hiring an accountant or...

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Fatherly Advice: Pay Your Bills on Time

It is about that time of year again when many of us celebrate our fathers and all that they have done for us. Good fathers contribute so much to our success, especially those of us who have become business owners. If you were lucky enough to...

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Improve Financial Literacy With Statements

Few, if any, young people today are required to take a high school class called “Home Economics” (also known as Family or Consumer Science), which teaches family finances and community economics. Home Economics is where students learn how to balance a checkbook, save...

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Billing And “Paycheck To Paycheck” Living

According to a 2017 census report, nearly eighty percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck! That is astonishing! This means that the money Americans earn is already spent on living expenses before it even reaches the bank! The bills keep adding up! There is no...

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Customer Service Versus Customer Experience

In concept, they are very similar. Customer service is a term which many people often hear. Most small businesses focus on providing quality customer service. This means they provide assistance and advice about their products or services so that their customers can...

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