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Improve Financial Literacy With Statements

Few, if any, young people today are required to take a high school class called “Home Economics” (also known as Family or Consumer Science), which teaches family finances and community economics. Home Economics is where students learn how to balance a checkbook, save...

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Billing And “Paycheck To Paycheck” Living

According to a 2017 census report, nearly eighty percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck! That is astonishing! This means that the money Americans earn is already spent on living expenses before it even reaches the bank! The bills keep adding up! There is no...

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Customer Service Versus Customer Experience

In concept, they are very similar. Customer service is a term which many people often hear. Most small businesses focus on providing quality customer service. This means they provide assistance and advice about their products or services so that their customers can...

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Erase Assumptions With Outsourced Invoices

There are tons of responsibilities that come along with running a successful business. One of those is sending invoices to customers for products or services rendered. But, if you’re finding your invoices are being sent but not responded to and you are not getting...

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Improve Your Cash Flow Through The Billing Process

Like most business owners, you already know how crucial cash flow is to a successful company. Cash flow is the cornerstone of your business. Positive cash flow means you can effectively run and grow your business, and negative cash flow simply means you cannot. In...

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Reduce Expenses With A Printing & Mailing Service

It is no modern revelation to know that companies are always on the lookout to reduce operating costs. In fact, it is quite the tactic to sustain a thriving and profitable business. One often overlooked area for expense reduction is that of outsourcing...

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Send Bills On Time And Get Paid On Time

There is a difficult distinction between an invoice and a bill. Quite often they are used interchangeably in the English language, as either term is often acceptable. But there is an actual distinction. The New Oxford American Dictionary reports that invoice means...

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