What are the most important goals of accounts receivable?

The first task that accounts receivable should be handling is the task of maintaining balance across all customer accounts. This requires a working knowledge of the intimate details of each individual account so that everything remains organized and up to date. If there are any shifts in the information, then you should be aware of it and act accordingly. This requires attention to detail that allows for business operations to flow smoother and is [...]

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What are 3 different types of billing systems?

Essentially, a billing system is a set of protocols and procedures to ensure that everything is copacetic across the billing process. It ensures that everything is working fluidly in a coherent network and the result is an increased organization that helps to keep things accurate and fruitful for the business. It definitely makes things easier when you're properly equipped with the right type of system to keep all billing smooth and efficient. Here you [...]

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What are the best practices used by firms to outsource project work?

Working together can be a difficult task at times when you come from different backgrounds and have various challenges to contend with. Because of this, it's important to have procedures that are organized and well-defined so that everyone can get along. When you outsource, it often requires a company with a certain set of skills to effectively work in conjunction with your existing structure. This can get messy if certain requirements and strictures aren't [...]

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What is the difference between a sales invoice and a delivery receipt?

Documenting each transaction is highly critical for any business to maintain organization over time. Without this record, it's impossible to keep finances in order, organize your taxes, or monitor the progress of your organization. It's also crucial for customers to have a record of their transactions with your business for their own financial reference and for situations where they might have a problem with a particular order. When you own a business, it's important [...]

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Why outsourcing makes sense for small businesses

When you're managing a business, you might find that the tasks that you loathe will inevitably find their way to the bottom of your list. You say that you'll do it eventually, but then it never happens and this is the mortal enemy of progression in modern business development. Shoving things under the rug is not a new occurrence, and many small business owners have trouble dealing with trivial tasks that can consume time [...]

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How can I improve my billing system?

Setting the proper terms with any client regarding your billing system will set you up for better success and will ensure there aren't any surprises along the way. It gives you the chance to set up some ground rules so that you have a proper understanding of how the billing process will be carried out. Certain factors must be taken into account to ensure continuity throughout the billing process, and each client should be [...]

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Should you outsource your billing tasks?

You may be wondering if outsourcing your billing tasks is the right thing to do and here we will give you some comprehensive reasons why it's an excellent idea! It's no secret that piling paperwork can be a daunting task that can take away from more important priorities in your business. Sometimes companies will devote entire workdays to catching up on this and it drastically affects the general operations of any business. When you [...]

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Should you outsource your invoicing tasks?

There are times in any company where the workload tends to overwhelm, and this is why outsourcing invoice printing and mailing services can be incredibly relieving. It allows for the company to manage their books effectively through an outside source who understands the ins and outs of invoice printing and mailing because they contend with it on a daily basis across various clients. Chances are that professional invoicing services are more knowledgeable and efficient [...]

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