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Statement Printing And Mailing Basics

Most small business owners don’t give much thought to the impact that their statements can have, let alone given thought to the idea of outsourcing their statement printing and mailing services to a reputable vendor. As the leader of your own company, you might be under the impression that any and all things fall under your jurisdiction. This is true…to an extent. When you operate in this manner, you often set in motion a process that is detrimental to the growth, expansion, and overall success of your business. On the other hand, when you make the choice to outsource certain responsibilities, you free up valuable time, money, and effort that can be put in play towards other needs – such as driving revenue, retaining and acquiring customers, and team member development.

If you are a company that generates statements to your customers or believes you should be, then please keep reading. Crafting a profitable business begins and ends with perception. Be it the perception of your employees, your customers, or the customers you want to have, perception quickly becomes reality in the world of business. A high-quality statement that looks the part and properly displays the message you are trying to convey, goes a long way in influencing those you want to do business with you.

Successful business owners understand that every day their image is at risk and that the competition is looking for the opportunity to poach their customers. To be successful, you must understand how important a professional image is; from the sign on your front door to how you answer your phone to how you greet customers walking through the front door to the statement a client receives. You recognize that the quality, personalization, and professionalism of your company’s statement printing has a resonating effect when it comes to the formulation of a professional image.

When you make the smart decision to partner with a quality statement printing and mailing service, you take a positive step in helping your business grow and prosper. This is done through the delegating of a vital process that they can do better. You are outsourcing your communication to a company that makes its living streamlining the process and increasing efficiency.

When Is Statement Printing And Mailing Necessary?

Generating quality and custom statements improve communication with your clients and offer a touch of class and professionalism to the those that receive them. Producing personal and custom messages to your clients helps increase customer retention and improves your image in their eyes and those that may be considering your services. You are presenting an image of reliability and credibility.

Statement Printing and Mailing ServicesWhen expressing a personal message, be it a happy birthday, thank you offer or coupon, or notice that terms may be changing, you are letting your customers know that you value them and that they are a vital component to your business. Traditional and generic forms are just that – traditional, generic, lifeless, and weak. When these become a part of your statements and general communication model, you run the risk of losing out on significant opportunities to reach your customers on a deeper level.

Outsourcing your print and mail tasks, like statement or bill printing and mail, is necessary if you want to ensure that all of these tasks are handled by a professional that has the knowledge and experience in the industry. Your team members are freed up for other tasks that are better matched for their skills – like customer service, driving revenue, and representing your brand to its fullest extent.

Should You Outsource Your Statement Printing And Mailing Tasks?

When outsourcing your statement print and mail tasks, you are producing a much higher quality product with which to communicate. In conjunction with the right outsourcing service, you are sure to generate invoices and statements that will get the attention of your clients. The end result is to get them to open the mail piece and respond to it and, by outsourcing these statement print and mail tasks, you are doing what you can to ensure that your statements are well-received and best utilized as a communication tool.

Again, not enough business owners put the necessary thought and action into their statements. However, thought and action is what is necessary to make your statements as effective as possible. This main goal is to capture the attention of your recipients. This will oblige and promote them to answer to your correspondence quicker. There are many features that play a part ineffectiveness of your statements.

Areas consisting of the font you choose, the size of the writings, the size of the paper, the layout, and more are important because particular combinations can make your statements standout out in a positive manner, glorifying you, or stand out in a negative manner, therefore vilifying you. People are fickle and lots of little things can be the one thing that deters them from doing business with you. It is important to erase any and all opportunity for misrepresentation. This is just a portion of the insight a professional printing and mailing service can bring to your improved statements.

“Less is more” is a powerful sentiment in many aspects of life, including business. By communicating in a clear and concise manner, you are leaving less room for communication breakdowns. Following this guideline will greatly improve the success of your statements.

How To Save Time And Money On Your Statement Printing And Mailing

When you outsource your statement printing and mailing needs to a professional, such as Towne Mailer, it is a foregone conclusion that you and your business will save time and money in the process. The heavy machinery, such as folding and imaging equipment, necessary is out of the price range of nearly all businesses that don’t make their living with these types of services.

Even if you were to take the plunge and pick up some entry machinery capable of generating decent statements, you will need to take the time to learn how to operate and repair it, as well as train your team members to do the same. Add on the cost of consumables – such as paper, envelopes, ink, etc., and you’re starting to get an idea of the cost – in money and time.

How about floor space? You will need to have room for the equipment and room for the supplies. If you, or another employee responsible for the operating of the equipment, are not able to come in to work that day, what then? These are valid concerns that must be considered. When you outsource your statement printing and mailing to a professional service, all of that, including the operators, are covered.

Common sense dictates that the quicker your statements reach your intended audience, the faster they will respond. Sound simple and, in actuality, it is. When you outsource this process to a reputable vendor, you don’t have to worry about being the catalyst in this equation – they do all the heavy lifting for you. This leads to improving cash flow, a necessity to when it comes to keeping the lights on.

Yes, trying to handle the statement printing and mailing process yourself is far more trouble than it is worth. Among other things, it leads to more cost, effort, space, training which, in turn, virtually guarantees a drop in productivity and revenue. But, when you outsource, these pitfalls are not a reality, they are a distant memory. Your overall cost savings, depending on the size of your statement printing needs, could be 10-30% or more! Partnering with someone like Towne Mailer results in a cheaper, more efficient process that generates a far better product.

How To Get Started With Statement Printing And Mailing From Towne Mailer

There are quite a few bill printing and mailing services available to individuals and small businesses like you and yours. But Towne Mailer stands tall amongst the competition. For nearly 20 years, we have been setting the standard for statement outsourcing services.

How can we make this claim? By listening to our clients. We recognize that we are only as good as your success and we take that responsibility to heart. We pride ourselves on quality communication between us and you and the facilitator of quality communication between you and your customers.

We are in business because of our ability to solve for the gaps in your business model. Even if you are getting along well enough, we can help take you to the next level. What takes you hours, often only takes us minutes. We are in the business of printing and mailing and not in your business – just here to help your business.

Whatever your trade, we know we can support you in the way of saving time, money, and labor. We have the expertise and equipment but, most importantly, we have the drive.

It’s easy to get started saving money and creating top-notch statements. Give us a call today and we’ll be sure to answer!



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