The Pro Forma invoice is not a demand for payment by any stretch, but rather is a convenient way to inform the customer of how much they will end up paying when the job is finished. These can be issued as a friendly reminder or at the beginning of any business deal where a service is offered. It’s incredibly convenient for the customer to receive this because it will inform them of the future payment and help them to accumulate the necessary funds through budgeting. The Pro Forma Invoice is great for simply reminding customers of the cost of various services when the job is completed, and then they will have it in the forefront of their minds to pay it when the time comes. It’s definitely a less aggressive form of invoicing that is commonly used when businesses want to give a client an idea of what to expect in the future.

Interim Invoice

This is an invoice that is sent to the client when the project is ongoing to maintain a consistent cash flow rather than anticipating a lump sum at the end of the project. This helps to reduce the cost of any non-payment. This is better for some businesses who engage in extensive time-consuming projects and need to have ongoing revenue to support the project. It is usually for services that tend to last for longer periods of time and are more of a commitment. The client is informed of this during the job and will pay at equal intervals. There are many different types of invoices, and this one is fairly common when a project takes a longer time. It will help the company to reduce the risk of non-payment which can be bad for business overall and it creates more security for everyone in the end. The Interim invoicing option is perfect for certain circumstances where the work won’t end any time soon, and you won’t have to worry about them not paying at the end of the project for something more extensive.

Recurring Invoice

These are invoices that are sent by businesses for services that tend to be ongoing like electricity for instance where it’s a necessity and you know that it will continue to be billed for the foreseeable future. This is formulated into a convenient payment package and it streamlines the process so you won’t have to worry about the stress of managing each individual payment. They are usually automatic and ongoing with the assumption that the service won’t end. Another example of this might be a bill for cable or anything else that you might need to be using long-term. A recurring invoice is a useful option if you’re seeking to pay for services that will benefit you without a doubt. However, they can take the form of unexpected services in some cases and these might be over the course of a lengthier set period like a couple of years. This type of invoice handles the tedious bills for the most part which tend to be important towards the running of a building including maintenance. It’s imperative that you use the recurring invoice in repetitive situations to reduce the stress.

Past Due Invoices

These are the dreaded invoices that buyers will receive and you might have to send them out if people haven’t paid their bills. Oftentimes, this will results in some sort of penalty as per the contract and that’s why they’re avoided so much. However, it’s the job of any company to gain what payments are due if the customer has not paid yet. The process might be difficult, but this is the standard method for informing them that it’s time to pay. They are usually marked red and have a pressing notice on the front so that there’s more of a chance they will be opened. Sometimes it’s possible that people simply forget to pay their bills and you should keep this in the back of your mind because everyone makes mistakes. That’s why there are penalty fees when you can’t adequately pay on time and you won’t have to worry about receiving a past due invoice if you simply remember or set a reminder. Some businesses will actually send you a reminder a week before bills are due just to be sure.

Final Invoice

These are the types of invoices that are sent out at the end of any given project and are the summation of the work performed. You will send this out directly after the work is completed and that means they aren’t billed during the process itself at any point. This is convenient and makes more sense in certain situations like if it’s a special project that won’t be conducted again for a long time. You will send out final invoices as a business when your overall services are concluded and it’s time to pay. This is very similar to when you pay for a service like when you get a car repair. They get the job done, and then comes the bill to be paid or they hold your car until it’s brought to fruition. This is one of the most common types of invoices we see on the market today and businesses use them often at the customer’s convenience. You will commonly send out final invoices upon completion of any given project and they are usually expected and paid on time.

Miscellaneous Invoice

If there are certain payments that don’t fit the invoice format of the business then they are considered a special circumstance and are known as Miscellaneous invoices. These can be tasks that simply aren’t within the framework of invoicing and requires a special categorization so that you can effectively identify the service. Delivery charges or environmental fees are examples of miscellaneous fees that might occur depending on the type of business you’re running. Each business will have its own set of these types of invoices with varying rules depending on the service. They are generally not very expensive and are seen as additions to the initial work conducted. However, they serve a very important function in accounting for the minuscule variables behind any given project. They help to keep things organized and you will help the business run with more continuity where all the small details are accounted for when issuing Miscellaneous invoices. Many businesses have these and they are actively engaged in issuing them for smaller tasks that may have been overlooked and could cost the company money in the long run, so they are just as important!

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