TowneMailer – Mailing and Printing Services in Montana 

If you’re looking for a mailing and printing service in Montana, consider TowneMailer. The company’s owner, Michael Ross, was a lawyer in the big city before moving to Montana with his wife. Since then, he’s grown the company into one of the largest mailing and printing companies in the state. Whether you need to ship a few items or hundreds, TowneMailer will get the job done.

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Costs of Towne Mailer Mailing packages 

Many companies don’t consider the costs involved in mailing their packages to their customers. In addition to the cost of the letter or envelope, businesses must also consider the cost of printing, postage, and storage space. Fortunately, Towne Mailer can handle these tasks for you. In addition to offering printing services, Towne Mailer also offers mailboxes. A mailbox can hold as many as 500 packages. 

Protection from porch pirates 

You can protect yourself from porch pirates by setting up tracking information on your packages and keeping them away from the front door. If your package is delivered to a neighbor’s house, you can make sure someone is home to sign for it. You can also leave a note for the courier to leave at the back door. This can limit the amount of time between when the package is delivered and when you can retrieve it. 

Porch pirates are opportunistic thieves who target packages on doorsteps or porches and steal them. One recent Safewise study estimates that 210 million packages disappeared from porches across the US in the past year. The problem is growing, particularly during the holiday season when many people shop online and leave their packages unattended. Whether the package is stolen, porch pirates can be a major pain.